Perfectdisk free defrag download

نرم افزار قدرتمند دیفرگ کردن با رابط کاربری بسیار آسان. Easy to use interface and powerful defrag engine. Perfectdisk 14 provides new compatibility up to windows 10 and enhanced monitoring of physical drives. Fragmentation prevention with optiwrite.

For a limited time, raxco software is offering a fully functional free defrag solution. Pd free is a simple solution that does not require a. Perfectdisk is a defragmentation software product for windows developed by raxco. The application keeps track of file usage to lessen defragmentation time.

S new in perfectdisk. Perfectdisk 14 adds windows 10 support, windows event log integration, and automated reporting from perfectdisk clients to. Microsoft is beginning the official rollout of the windows 10 launch tomorrow and perfectdisk 14 pro. Is now here with windows 10 support and.